The summer reading program has started at work.  It is one of my favorite things Barnes & Noble does.  Any 1st-6th grader that reads 8 books and fills out a summer reading log earns a free book!  Awesome.  We are also giving them a sheet of paper to write their name, age and favorite book on to hang in the Kid’s department all summer long.  I wish they did that when I was little (if they did, I didn’t have a B&N nearby).  Little readers are the most excited, cutest, proudest readers of all.  I love them.

This past week I have been thinking how nice the evenings have been (weatherwise) and have been having really strong memories of summer nights when I was a kid.  I remember going to the pool every day, all day, and then going home and my mom would be making dinner and my dad would be lighting the grill and I would sit outside and read.  I think the youngest I must have been doing this was 7 or 8.  The first “series” books I remember not being able to put down are the “Kids of Polk Street School” by Patricia Reilly Giff.  They have new covers since I loved them, but they are still so good.  I repurchased the whole series a few years ago, although I am sure they are still in a box in my parents’ basement.  I love visiting old “friends” like Emily Arrow, Richard “Beast” Best and the other kids of Ms. Rooney’s class.


Any books you associate with summer?

What were your favorite books as a kid?