Zack + Kelly = 4-ever!Earlier this week, Jimmy Fallon had Mark-Paul Gosselar on his show.  MPG was promoting the season premiere of his show, “Raising the Bar,” but he did so as the only man/boy I can honestly say I will love forever and ever, Zack Morris!

It was amazing.  He was dressed in acid washed tight rolled jeans, white high top sneakers and a green patterned t-shirt with an open redish brown button up shirt over it.  He was also rocking his classic highlighted blonde hair.  (It’s really the only hair MPG should ever have.)  He had his brick cell phone, he spoke fondly of Belding and his (sadly) ex-wife Kelly, who left him for Jeff from The Max and moved to another zip code.  (AMAZING, she was on 90210)

The best moments of the interview for me, however, were Jimmy’s.  This is saying a lot because, while I adore Jimmy Fallon, his show has yet to win me over.  This interview changed all that.

Best Moments:

Zack talks about his SAT scores (1502), that’s Stansbury material.  Jimmy adds, “The Harvard of the West!?” without missing a beat.

Jimmy asks Zack about his summer job at the beach…”Malibu Sands?”  “Yeah, Stacy Kerosi was hot!”

Zack talks about his band, Zack Attack, and Jimmy asks him to play.  He sings “Friends Forever.”  It was AWESOME!

Zack answers his cell phone, it’s Jessie.  “SPANO!?” cries Jimmy.  His enthusiasm is 100% authentic, and I immediately love Jimmy and forgive the last few weeks of awkward moments on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

Huge thanks to Mark-Paul Gosselar, as well.  It’s refreshing to see a celebrity not afraid to have fun with his past.  Usually it seems like stars are too embarrassed, ashamed, uppity to own how they became famous in the first place.

This interview meant a lot to me as a huge fan of “Saved by the Bell.”  I own all the seasons on DVD and the soundtrack.  I love SBTB!  It validated by continued love.  Thanks, Mark-Paul, Zack and Jimmy.  Hopefully this SBTB reunion happens…it’s been a long time coming!