I was really excited when “Law & Order” was renewed for its 20th season, tying “Gunsmoke” for the record.

“Law & Order” is the mothership of, “Wait, I know that guy from something…Oh, yeah.  He was a killer/rapist/husband/victim/lawyer on ‘L&O’.”

Several actors have gotten their starts on the series; Benjamin Bratt, Jill Hennessey, Jesse L. Martin, Chris Noth and Angie Harmon, just to name a few.

I loved Jerry Orbach (Lennie Briscoe).  I still miss him.  He was an awesome actor and the best “L&O” has ever had.

He was replaced by Dennis Farina (whom I wanted to love as a native Chicagoan), but he could never fill his shoes, and tried too hard.  When Jesse L. Martin announced he was leaving (not to mention the way his character, Ed, left the show) I didn’t think I would ever care about the series again.  

Jeremy Sisto changed that (and restored my faith in Chicago-born actors).  His Detective Cyrus Lupo has made the series fresh.  I have loved Sisto since “Clueless” and “A Lot Like Love,” but his sensitive, veteran kept me glued to the screen.

Then, Anthony Anderson joined the cast and I was worried.  I saw more of “Kangaroo Jack” in the commercials than I ever cared to.  But, once again, I was proved wrong.  As soon as he called Sisto’s character “Lupes” I knew it would be fine.  I can’t wait for season 20 to begin.  

Question:  Who’s your “Law & Order” dream team?