“Donna Martin Graduates!”

Memorial Day is a time to remember all the men & women that have died to secure the freedoms we enjoy as Americans today.  And Soapnet is honoring these individuals with a 90210 marathon featuring everyone’s favorite Spelling, Donna Martin.

The only episode I can’t think of clearly is the one described as “Donna overdoses.”  I don’t remember DM having a drug issue.   It’s during the Noah/Valerie years…anyone remember Donna’s addiction?  Was it diet pills?  No, that was Kelly. 

I was talking to my friend Amy, who called to tell me it was on, and we started talking about every other character’s drug problem.  Does anyone know what kid of drugs David was doing?  He mixed a white powder with orange juice…aside from “orange juice drugs” I never knew what it was.  Anyone?

As the first quote of this post might tell you, I love the episodes when Donna gets drunk at prom and caught by Mrs. Teasley (the coolest black high school principal ever, who I always thought liked Steve Sanders a little more than the rest of the students) and is in danger of not graduating!  OH NO!  So, Brandon and Andrea go into civil service mode and get all the students to walk out of their finals (Even Dylan, who needs to take his finals to pass) and go to the board meeting where they are deciding Donna’s fate.  They protest, “Donna Martin Graduates!” and of course, the board lets her graduate with her class!  Life really is better in Beverly Hills.  Nothing as awesome as a whole school walkout ever happened during my finals.

Question:  What’s your favorite 90210 episode?