Mary Poppins Broadway PosterLast night my mom, sister and I went downtown (Chicago) to see Mary Poppins.  We had gotten the tickets as a gift for my mom’s birthday.  We headed down early and went to some cute little shops around Sheffield and Armitage.  Then we parked by the Cadillac Palace Theatre and walked to Petterino’s for dinner.  It was a really nice, fun day (and dinner was delicious).  We got to the theater early and my sister and I both got Mary Poppins umbrellas, you know, the one with the parrot head on the handle!  They don’t talk, but they are adorable.  

We found our seats and settled in for a supercalifragilisticexpealidocious time, but 20 minutes into the show (right before they sing “Jolly Holiday” with Burt and jump into the paintings) the curtain came down and they announced they were having “technical difficulties” and needed to make it “safe for the actors on stage”.  Okay.  So 20 minutes later they announced they were still working on it.  Sadly, the director finally came out and told us the show needed to be cancelled because the set is run by a computer and the computer had crashed.  The actress playing Mary, Ashley Brown, came out to wave and apologize as well.  They promised we would either be given tickets to another performance or a full refund.  Hopefully we can work our schedules to go see it another time (it ends July 12th) because I really want to see it.

While we were all disappointed, the saddest thing was a little blonde boy, about 6 years old, who was sobbing outside the theater in the rain after the audience left.  He was so sad he wasn’t going to see Mary Poppins!  His grandma was trying to comfort him, but I think he needed “a spoonful of sugar.” 


Article about cancellation



Had to get the refund because there were no seats together at any of the remaining shows.  Effing ridiculous!  We would have all rather seen the show.  I wish the cast had sung some of the songs, even if there were no sets.  Or signed playbills in the lobby.  Disappointing.


Roger Ebert is a robotist.  He apparently also hates fun.  Guess what, Rog…no one wants Transformers 2 to win an Oscar.  They want to have an awesome time at the theater.  Mission accomplished.  I loved it!

I wasn’t a Transformers kid…and while I probably like the first one more, since it was the first and so amazing that Michael Bay could make robots transform on screen, the second one is just as entertaining.  And Shia is actually better looking, if possible.

Dear Mr. Ebert,

For F’s sake, Roger….can’t you just have fun watching a summer blockbuster. Stop being so pretentious and eat your popcorn. You wonder why no one notices the pyramids being destroyed…HOW ABOUT THE FACT THAT THERE ARE ALIEN ROBOTS AT ALL!?!  

I’m surprised you like the robot dog humping Megan Fox’s leg…that seems very “frat boy” of you, and living in a college town, I saw the movie with a bunch of frat boys who all seemed to love the whole thing.

One last thing…they’re DeceptiCONS…not Deceptibots. Loser.


Jackie Witkowski

(Ebert gave it one star, I would give the story a three, but since its a summer blockbuster meant to blow things up and show attractive people on screen while you eat your popcorn, I give it a 4 because it completely accomplishes that.  I hope TPTB come to their senses and let Michael Bay have the time he needs to make the 3rd one…it wouldn’t be Transformers without him.)


“Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.”  – Optimus Prime

The summer reading program has started at work.  It is one of my favorite things Barnes & Noble does.  Any 1st-6th grader that reads 8 books and fills out a summer reading log earns a free book!  Awesome.  We are also giving them a sheet of paper to write their name, age and favorite book on to hang in the Kid’s department all summer long.  I wish they did that when I was little (if they did, I didn’t have a B&N nearby).  Little readers are the most excited, cutest, proudest readers of all.  I love them.

This past week I have been thinking how nice the evenings have been (weatherwise) and have been having really strong memories of summer nights when I was a kid.  I remember going to the pool every day, all day, and then going home and my mom would be making dinner and my dad would be lighting the grill and I would sit outside and read.  I think the youngest I must have been doing this was 7 or 8.  The first “series” books I remember not being able to put down are the “Kids of Polk Street School” by Patricia Reilly Giff.  They have new covers since I loved them, but they are still so good.  I repurchased the whole series a few years ago, although I am sure they are still in a box in my parents’ basement.  I love visiting old “friends” like Emily Arrow, Richard “Beast” Best and the other kids of Ms. Rooney’s class.


Any books you associate with summer?

What were your favorite books as a kid?