Run out all the clocks, cut off Street’s hail mary pass,

Prevent the Panthers from growling, stop maintaining the Lions’ grass,

Silence the Rally Girls and with muffled drum

Pack up the football equipment, let the mourners come.


Let boosters circle crying “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts” overhead

Yelling into the sky the message Friday Night Lights Is Dead,

Take down the crepe bows round the houses of the players we love,

Let the Friday Night faithful pray “Can’t Lose” to Him above.


It was my Alamo Freeze, my Landing Strip, my Dillon East and West,

The end of my working week and my Friday Night rest,

That coach, that quarterback, that rivalry, that theme song;

Riggins told me Texas would last for ever:  He was wrong.


The lights are not needed now: put out every one;

Pack up Julie and Tami,  Coach Taylor is done.

Lock away the field and return Vince to the ‘hood.

For nothing Tivoed now can ever come to any good.


Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose.


Late Night with Jimmy Fallon clips about the 20th reunion show.

The holdout seems to be Dustin Diamond (Screech)…really?!  C’mon man, you did Celebrity Boxing…you can do this!

Zack + Kelly = 4-ever!Earlier this week, Jimmy Fallon had Mark-Paul Gosselar on his show.  MPG was promoting the season premiere of his show, “Raising the Bar,” but he did so as the only man/boy I can honestly say I will love forever and ever, Zack Morris!

It was amazing.  He was dressed in acid washed tight rolled jeans, white high top sneakers and a green patterned t-shirt with an open redish brown button up shirt over it.  He was also rocking his classic highlighted blonde hair.  (It’s really the only hair MPG should ever have.)  He had his brick cell phone, he spoke fondly of Belding and his (sadly) ex-wife Kelly, who left him for Jeff from The Max and moved to another zip code.  (AMAZING, she was on 90210)

The best moments of the interview for me, however, were Jimmy’s.  This is saying a lot because, while I adore Jimmy Fallon, his show has yet to win me over.  This interview changed all that.

Best Moments:

Zack talks about his SAT scores (1502), that’s Stansbury material.  Jimmy adds, “The Harvard of the West!?” without missing a beat.

Jimmy asks Zack about his summer job at the beach…”Malibu Sands?”  “Yeah, Stacy Kerosi was hot!”

Zack talks about his band, Zack Attack, and Jimmy asks him to play.  He sings “Friends Forever.”  It was AWESOME!

Zack answers his cell phone, it’s Jessie.  “SPANO!?” cries Jimmy.  His enthusiasm is 100% authentic, and I immediately love Jimmy and forgive the last few weeks of awkward moments on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

Huge thanks to Mark-Paul Gosselar, as well.  It’s refreshing to see a celebrity not afraid to have fun with his past.  Usually it seems like stars are too embarrassed, ashamed, uppity to own how they became famous in the first place.

This interview meant a lot to me as a huge fan of “Saved by the Bell.”  I own all the seasons on DVD and the soundtrack.  I love SBTB!  It validated by continued love.  Thanks, Mark-Paul, Zack and Jimmy.  Hopefully this SBTB reunion happens…it’s been a long time coming!

One of my guiltiest TV pleasures, and I really enjoy TV, is “Wipeout” on ABC.  This show is amazing.  (And just started airing new episodes for Summer)  A group of contestants, it might start at 40, eventually gets narrowed down to 3 by completing, or failing to complete as the the case may be, a series of obstacle courses.  Those 3 move on to the ultimate course that looks like a level of “Super Mario Brothers.”  Much like “Most Extreme Challenge,”  several of the obstacles are near impossible for the average person.  The best wipeouts are replayed in slo-mo.  The man or woman left standing wins $50,000.  Who wouldn’t make a fool of themselves for that kind of money, especially in this economic climate.

I also enjoy “Hole in the Wall” on Fox.  Here, teams of contestants stand on a platform and must contort their bodies to match the cutout shapes in the wall coming toward them, lest they be pushed into the pool of water behind them.  Hilarity ensues.

What both of these shows have in common, is the possibility for disaster.  And disaster is inevitable.  When people willingly put themselves in the position to have an “America’s Funniest Home Video” moment, I can’t help but watch.  And laugh.  A lot.

I was really excited when “Law & Order” was renewed for its 20th season, tying “Gunsmoke” for the record.

“Law & Order” is the mothership of, “Wait, I know that guy from something…Oh, yeah.  He was a killer/rapist/husband/victim/lawyer on ‘L&O’.”

Several actors have gotten their starts on the series; Benjamin Bratt, Jill Hennessey, Jesse L. Martin, Chris Noth and Angie Harmon, just to name a few.

I loved Jerry Orbach (Lennie Briscoe).  I still miss him.  He was an awesome actor and the best “L&O” has ever had.

He was replaced by Dennis Farina (whom I wanted to love as a native Chicagoan), but he could never fill his shoes, and tried too hard.  When Jesse L. Martin announced he was leaving (not to mention the way his character, Ed, left the show) I didn’t think I would ever care about the series again.  

Jeremy Sisto changed that (and restored my faith in Chicago-born actors).  His Detective Cyrus Lupo has made the series fresh.  I have loved Sisto since “Clueless” and “A Lot Like Love,” but his sensitive, veteran kept me glued to the screen.

Then, Anthony Anderson joined the cast and I was worried.  I saw more of “Kangaroo Jack” in the commercials than I ever cared to.  But, once again, I was proved wrong.  As soon as he called Sisto’s character “Lupes” I knew it would be fine.  I can’t wait for season 20 to begin.  

Question:  Who’s your “Law & Order” dream team?

“Donna Martin Graduates!”

Memorial Day is a time to remember all the men & women that have died to secure the freedoms we enjoy as Americans today.  And Soapnet is honoring these individuals with a 90210 marathon featuring everyone’s favorite Spelling, Donna Martin.

The only episode I can’t think of clearly is the one described as “Donna overdoses.”  I don’t remember DM having a drug issue.   It’s during the Noah/Valerie years…anyone remember Donna’s addiction?  Was it diet pills?  No, that was Kelly. 

I was talking to my friend Amy, who called to tell me it was on, and we started talking about every other character’s drug problem.  Does anyone know what kid of drugs David was doing?  He mixed a white powder with orange juice…aside from “orange juice drugs” I never knew what it was.  Anyone?

As the first quote of this post might tell you, I love the episodes when Donna gets drunk at prom and caught by Mrs. Teasley (the coolest black high school principal ever, who I always thought liked Steve Sanders a little more than the rest of the students) and is in danger of not graduating!  OH NO!  So, Brandon and Andrea go into civil service mode and get all the students to walk out of their finals (Even Dylan, who needs to take his finals to pass) and go to the board meeting where they are deciding Donna’s fate.  They protest, “Donna Martin Graduates!” and of course, the board lets her graduate with her class!  Life really is better in Beverly Hills.  Nothing as awesome as a whole school walkout ever happened during my finals.

Question:  What’s your favorite 90210 episode?