“Fever Pitch” is on TV this weekend.  I love this movie.  Not only is it an adorable romantic comedy, but it’s a baseball movie.  Jimmy Fallon loves the Red Sox.  No, he loves them.  Drew Barrymore is a workaholic who falls in love with him, but can’t compete with his love of the team.  Anyway, it’s amazing and funny and I’ve already watched it on TV twice, and I own it.  (Sidenote:  Why are movies that we own so much better on TV?!)

I love baseball movies.  I can’t decide which one is my favorite, but it’s probably a dead tie between “The Sandlot” and “A League of Their Own.”  “The Sandlot” has Benny “the Jet” Rodriguez, Hamilton Porter, Squints, Smalls, Wendy Peffercorn & The Beast.  “A League of Their Own” has Tom Hanks as Jimmy Dugan, Geena Davis, Jon Lovitz, Lori Petty, the cows, Madonna, hell, even Rosie.

I guess its a good thing I’m not an umpire; I wouldn’t be able to make the tough calls.

Other baseball movies I adore:

“Field of Dreams” – I love in Iowa, for pete’s sake!

“The Rookie” – Dennis Quaid, such a D.I.L.F.

“For the Love of the Fame” – Kevin Costner, he’s pretty good.

“Angels in the Outfield” – Hey, it could happen!

“Major League 1 & 2” – Wild Thing!

“Hardball” – Keanu Reeves teaches inner-city kids how to play and becomes a better man in the process.

“Little Big League” – What if you inherited a baseball team?  What if you were a kid?

“Rookie of the Year” – Henry breaks his arm and becomes the best pitcher, ever.

“Summer Catch” – Freddie Prinze, Jr., ‘nough said.